When you look at the a visit to Ireland for the Summer , Cardinal Marx advertised you to definitely Christianity ‘s the ‘religion of future’

When you look at the a visit to Ireland for the Summer , Cardinal Marx advertised you to definitely Christianity ‘s the ‘religion of future’

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In July , inside a job interview into Augsburger Allgemeine in the Germany, e-gender matrimony inside Germany and you may mentioned that it was not an excellent matter on church. The guy said that chapel training can’t be moulded to the guidelines out of a great secular state and he said: “Inside the a secular society, the state need certainly to create legislation that will be legitimate for everyone”.

Marx try a dynamic adversary out-of abortion during the Germany and it has along with verbal against doctor-helped suicide plus embryonic stalk cellphone research.

However, he’s got become criticized from the some anti-abortion organizations having signalling his acceptance so hookup apps ios you’re able to issue the fresh new ‘ early morning-just after tablet ‘ german born Catholic healthcare facilities, that could possibly wreck a viable embryo. The guy cited Cardinal Ratzinger’s after Pope Benedict XVI message inside Paris from inside the , when Ratzinger mentioned that Christianity was not a religion you to dealt which have ‘magic things’ however with real life. Cardinal Marx claimed one Christianity got a role in making new globe a far greater set.

The guy in addition to lamented that Catholic church inside the Germany had not done so much more prior to now to battle against statutes one to criminalized homosexual activity during the Germany

He listed you to definitely previously there have been times when the new chapel was to the ‘the completely wrong side’ of various points, however, you to definitely later it will trust its own personal doctrine and you will Religious anthropology once the a source at which to help you make yet another and higher neighborhood, that also embraced the marginalized.

He plus shown matter more than a propensity because of the certain to want to go back so you’re able to a dream off neighborhood where one thing was basically ‘more natural and you will simpler’, and this upcoming debates could be from the name and you will safeguards instead than simply liberty. Into the event of your own loss of previous German Chancellor Helmut Kohl for the June , Cardinal Marx recognized Kohl who had been an exercising Catholic as the a keen instance of Christian experience in the current business.

Into the March , it absolutely was widely reported you to Marx said during the an interview having German journalists you to definitely true blessing from same-gender unions is achievable inside the Catholic church buildings in the Germany, but later on clarified he hadn’t suggested that it and you will was misunderstood, stating that there only might be “religious encouragement

Marx applauded Kohl’s work for German reunification, work for democracy and you can people liberties, work for European consolidation, with his work to manage a personal field discount inside the Germany according to church teaching. Irrespective of where the prices out of a totally free area were trampled on in the world, he bound these values feel known.

Into the October , Marx along with other bishops and you may Western european politicians went to a conference from inside the Rome named “Convinced European countries: Good Christian Sum into Way forward for the fresh new European Project” that has been designed to discuss the role off faith regarding the future of European countries. Toward celebration, Marx said one to twenty years early in the day, many people believed that faith create drop off regarding neighborhood, however, you to that was untrue.

The guy stated that the good worry having faith was not that it can decrease but instead “it might be instrumentalized to other factors, to own political reasons. Which is perhaps the higher concern to your twenty-first millennium. For the , Marx gave an interview and then he chatted about Karl Marx. Toward September step 1, the wedding of one’s German intrusion away from Poland, Cardinal Marx decided to go to the Shine town of Gdansk and you may paid tribute to the Shine Solidarity path backed by the fresh new church which had struggled communism in the s.